Friday, July 2, 2010

Print Journalism Reborn (At Least, Quarterly)

Heard an intriguing interview last night on NPR (I was in the "good" car for my commute last night, the one that gets radio reception on the 405. Although in some ways it's also the bad car because the ride is bumpy, whereas the bad car is "good" in that regard). Anyway!

Warren Olney interviewed Laurie Ochoa, co-founder of the new quarterly journal, Slake. And yes, it's a print publication. There is paper involved. Over 200 pages of paper, in fact, and it's all about Los Angeles. But not in the way you think; it's not about Hollywood or celebrities. There are pieces of cross-genre fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and what's considered longform journalism; the kind of measured, slower, indepth reporting that's hard to find these days. I'm drooling and have already ordered a copy off Amazon, though it's also available at independent bookstores like Skylight and Book Soup.

For more info, check out this article in Brand X, featuring Laurie and her fellow editor Joe Donnelly, in which Laurie states, "Everyone talks about print being gone already, but it's not gone, it's still here. And we don't want to give up on it."

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