Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mad Men 4x8: Betty is still a Child but Don is Growing Up, Awww

Here's how Time Warner Cable described Sunday's episode of Mad Men: "Peggy and Joan are forced to deal with some rambunctious office shenanigans."

Can you hear the laugh track and sound effects? Wah, wah. I feel for those summary writers, though, because that's part of what I do at my job and it's not always easy to logline something complex. I just used a noun as a verb. It is early in the day.

Still, "shenanigans" implies something harmless and adorable, which is inaccurate; the ladies suffered a lot of crap and verbal abuse. Peggy can never win; especially not with Joan.

Don was looking wrecked at the pool (and did people in the '60s really not notice the correlation between smoking and uncontrollable coughing? He lights up right after his workout) but I loved his (Vampire)diary voice overs and the fact that he's decided to take better control of his life. I like him with the marketing woman, too.

Favorite line: "That was my ex-wife, her husband, and some slob who's about to have the worst dinner of his life."

Least favorite moment: the Nausea Cam.

Although they're not being chased around office furniture anymore, Peggy and Joan do have a rough time at work, probably every day, which I have to acknowledge by giving the episode 3 out of 5 razor blades on the Depressing Scale. On the huge plus side, though, Don is finally getting to a better place and even looked genuinely joyful at his 2-year-old's birthday party.

Farewell, Freelancer Joey's smirk. (Sorry that he got the boot, Amy, but you should be proud: he had a good run.)


  1. Oh my god, I just noticed I got a shout-out in this recap!! Yes, I was a fan of Joey... UNTIL THE END HOLY CRAP JOEY YOU ARE HORRIBLE.

    And yet. Still adorable.

  2. Yes, Joey crashed and burned HARD at the end. I liked him until then. That jpg you included is pretty amazing.