Thursday, November 15, 2012

Super Cheesy Post About Dreams, Etc.

Today, the Spring 2013 Abrams Kids' catalog went live.

Abrams is a publishing house known for its breathtaking artwork (their byline is "The Art of Books Since 1949"). Flip through the catalog and you'll see why.

When my agent Sara and I accepted the offer for BRUISED in 2011, my editor Maggie sent me a lovely welcome basket of books, as well as the latest Abrams Kids catalog. I immediately began dreaming of seeing my cover listed in those pages. I still have that first catalog, and a subsequent one I swiped while in New York two summers ago. They're on my bookshelf, and soon, they'll be joined by a third!

Thanks for letting me gush without irony today.


  1. The cover alone tells a story and leaves you wondering what's inside. I know that's what covers are supposed to do, but they so often don't. Congratulations on seeing your cover in a catalog -- definitely one of the best firsts of many to come.

  2. Thanks, Kimberly! I admire your writing so much and I'm glad to hear you like the cover. It's been a fun milestone seeing it in the catalog this week.

  3. Sarah, this is so exciting! Thanks so much for sharing your cool experience with us. Truly, your cover is amazing.

  4. We're so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!