Thursday, October 6, 2011

WeHo Book Fair

I attended the West Hollywood Book Fair on Sunday to see some friends and to check out the Teen Stage, where current and upcoming Young Adult releases were showcased.

My favorite event was the live trailer for Carol Tanzman's Dancergirl, available this November, which featured a crazy-impressive dance routine choreographed by a high school actress. (When I was in high school I mostly watched TV.) I also enjoyed the YA Graphic Novel panel.

At the local independent bookstore booths, I was psyched to see my publisher, Amulet, well-represented. In fact, the shelves were dominated by Abrams and Amulet fare. I wanted to snatch up every single title.

Drool for yourself:

Can't wait to see what the cover for my book will look like next year...


  1. ...the largest book fair in our area remains but a month away, and now you've got me counting down the days ;)


  2. Have fun, Elliot! Hope it's great.

  3. SQUEE! Those book covers are gorgeous!! I can't wait to see what they come up w/for us, either. :) I <3 book fairs. Used to be a clerk in a middle school library and although it was work for me, the Scholastic book fair was one of my fave times of the school year. I miss that, actually, and plan to attend next year. I'm still good pals w/the librarian. Great post and thanks for the pictures!

  4. Oh, and look! I FINALLY managed to post on your blog. Heh. TAke that, Blogger!

  5. How fun! I would have loved to see the live dancing book trailer.

  6. Anita, hooray, you got it to work :) I bet the Scholastic book fair was a blast. I used to love those, too. Glad you liked the photos.

    Karen, thanks for the comment. The dancing was fabulous.