Thursday, December 8, 2011

One-Stop Shopping - A Compilation of "Best of 2011" Book Lists

To be honest I'm still working my way through January Magazine's Best of 2010 list, which was brilliantly categorized by genre, but for those who are a little more up-to-date and looking for 2011 picks (imagine that), I've compiled a wee list of links. Happy shopping!

Best Books of 2011

From the Christian Science Monitor (Which has nothing to do with Christianitiy or science)

From the NY Times (For people who want to impress their in-laws)

From GQ Magazine (A magazine my husband claims most men are neither gay enough nor straight enough to read)

From Slate Magazine (This list's got a nice mixture of fiction and non-fiction)

From The Guardian (For Anglophiles / people who really want to impress their in-laws)

From USA Today (For people who don't read. "See what books authors, from Laura Bush to James Patterson to Snooki, fondly remember as the best book they ever got for Christmas." (Must I? ;))

From Kirkus Reviews (A list of "Best Teen Books," and they look absolutely gorgeous)


  1. The USA today list cracked me up! I think I'm going to go with Mo Willems. The complete Calvin and Hobbes are brilliant. Plus I love Mo Willems.

  2. I was excited to see Beauty Queens on Kirkus. I'm off the check out the rest of the links. These lists may make my TBR pile reach my 2nd story bedroom window.

  3. I have to second Natalie. . . Calvin and Hobbes will always get my vote (and the vote of my 9 y.o. LOL)

  4. Here's two more from Ranker. Their voters picked their favorite books in categories of novels and non-fiction.