Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mad Men 3.13: Wow, the Draper Kids Are Going to Be Messed Up

You know it's bad when you kind of hope some domestic violence is gonna go down.

Betty forged ahead with her abrupt "I don't love you anymore" divorce plans, and while I think her anger would have been justified a year ago, or if she'd stumbled upon Don and Teacher sittin' in a tree, the timing for her to abandon ship now is just odd. Unless it's more to do with finding out that Don was a Poor.

The demise of the Draper marriage earns the finale 2.5 razor blades out of 5 on the Depressing Scale. If this seems low, let me explain. At first I was really bummed out by this plot, especially for the kids, who are literally stuck watching TV with their housekeeper over Christmas while their mom flies to Nevada for several weeks with her non-lover on a cockamamie scheme to establish residency there, but now I'm actually looking forward to Don being single -- and/or with someone who can challenge him intellectually, a la mistresses past. Does this make me evil?

The rest of the episode was pure, unfiltered awesome. Don, Roger Sterling (good to see them interacting again), Cooper, and Pryce (the British guy) full-on snuck out of the building over the weekend with all their supplies and clients to start their own firm!! And they brought Peggy, Pete, Harry and Joan with them!! Overload of extreme happiness!! It was a fantastic way to throw momentum into the fourth season, starting in approximately 17,000 years.

In the meantime, what other show(s) should I comment on? "Lost" starts in January, but how will I rate the episodes? 1-5 time machines? 1-5 flashbacks with characters who are dead? 1-5 imagined incomprehensibility for new viewers?

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