Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Writing Schedule

One thing I, and most writers I know, never get tired of discussing is our writing schedule (or, in Variety speak, "Scribe Sked").*

I used to be a night writer, but for the past several years I've stuck mainly to mornings for creative output. The day's just begun and hasn't collected any baggage, my mind is fresh (or at least freshly caffeinated), and I have the computer all to myself from about 8:00 am to 10:00 am. As long as I don't connect to the evil, time-sucking internet, I can get about 500-1,000 words down -- although I'm likely to make small revisions to them the next day before starting anything new.

After a full day at work (11 am - 7 pm), the last thing I feel like doing is going back on the computer at home, but if I have an assignment due I will. I take Saturdays off completely to give my hands a rest, and do a bit of light revising and writing on Sundays. Rinse, repeat.

* When I first moved to L.A. and got a job in TV production, I spent several weeks learning the Variety lingo. Ahem. I still don't think I've grasped all the code words, but here are my favorite examples:

Mouse House = Disney
The Eye = CBS Network
The Lion = MGM Studios
Preem = Premiere
Helmer = Director
Boffo = Fantastic
B.O. = Box Office
Legit Theater = Broadway
Blighty = Britain (yes, they still use this! I saw it the other day!!)
Gotham = New York City (Holy hilarity, Batman)
Ten-Percenter = Agency
Kudocast = Awards Show


  1. I just started trying to write in the mornings. Okay, I started it this week. So far so good. I've attempted to get up an hour before work, but so far have only gotten in 30 minutes of writing. But every little bit helps.

    * Love the Hollywood lingo!

  2. 30 minutes of writing each day will really add up! Out of my two hours, I spend about 45-50 minutes doing actual new typing, and the rest of the time revising or brainstorming, drinking coffee and grabbing breakfast.

    Thanks for the note and best of luck with your new "sked." :)