Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Area Code Angst

I'm moving this week (woo hoo) so as of March 1st I'll have a 661 home area code.

This is very strange.

In Los Angeles, as in many cities, your area code is part of your identity. Here's how it breaks down in SoCal:

323 = Miracle Mile, Hollywood, West Hollywood, some of Los Feliz and Silverlake (aka the middle of the city, a cool place to be, or maybe I just tell myself that because up until recently that was my area code)

310 = Beverly Hills, Westwood, Brentwood, UCLA, West L.A., the Beach (an interesting mixture of college students, moguls, famous people, and/or beachies)

818 = The Valley aka The Other Side of the Hill (Burbank, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, the urban sprawl, and Van Nuys, which is known for both the adult entertainment industry and, ironically, a place to raise a family)

213 = Downtown, slightly grittier, what 323 was before it was 323

But what the heck is 661? The suburbs? Time to face facts: my 20s are over. At least my cell phone remains 323.


  1. You forgot to mention the dreaded 909 :) the Inland Empire aka "Valley of the Dirt People". I can make fun of them because I have family out there.

  2. Ha ha ha. 760 aka "On the road to Vegas" also seems a tad depressing to me.