Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mmmm, Apocalypse-y

Hey "Hunger Games" fans, the latest New Yorker analyzes the dystopian trend in YA novels. (Yes, it's the infamous "20 Under 40" issue that lists the most promising writers of a generation. Maybe the YA version of this list should be "40 Characters Under 20." That I'd want to see.)

By the way, is it still a trend if articles are being written about it? Does it mean the trend is on its way out, or just beginning? I hope it's the latter; I love dystopian books.

Either way, there's this AMAZING poster outside my office building. It looks like a relic that will be found one day in a dystopian future. Plus it is personally horrifying to me since it involves my commute. The guy in his car at the intersection when I snapped this image totally agreed that it's scary looking.

Click the pic to better observe the garbage, weeds, detritus of an election, danger sign, and chainlink fence, and shudder along with me.


  1. Um yeah, that's a little scary.

    But I do love dystopian fiction. The article mentioned a bunch of my new favorites. Those New Yorker people have good taste. :)

  2. They do! :) I always love reading about pop culture there.

  3. That's a profound question, Sarah: " it still a trend if articles are being written about it?"

    I'll give it some thought...