Monday, April 2, 2012

Mad Men 5x2: We Need To Talk About Betts

Oh, Betty.



Mad Men pulled a switcheroo and got me to care again about Betty. BETTY. I've always found her fascinating, and often pitiable, but in recent seasons she's become downright villainous toward Sally, which is obvs not okay. I also found her storyline with Henry Francis to be less than compelling during seasons three and four, but now I feel bad for both of them. Henry swears he doesn't even notice Betty's weight gain.

First, we wonder if she's a suburban cliche; then we fear she has cancer; and then we realize, no, she's a suburban cliche. And in that last scene, scored to Sound of Music's "I am 16, going on 17," we watch Betty devour not one but two hot fudge sundaes -- the second being a discard of her daughter's, whom Betty accused a while back of being "pudgy" herself. Eek.

This "Betty almost dies; no wait, she's just eating too much" subplot earns the ep 3 razor blades all by itself. Add to it Pete's public, office-wide dis of Roger, and my "Dawning" realization that I don't even feel bad for Roger -- who not only mocks the new black secretary behind her back but exhibits not a single iota of sympathy toward Don regarding Betty's possible demise -- and you've got 3.5 out of 5, baby.


  1. My husband was super annoyed by the body double they used to get out of the bath (That was supposed to be Betty). I both liked and hated this plot line. Once again, stupid girl takes for granted an amazing, caring husband (who says he doesn't notice weight gain). But was somehow happier with her lying, cheating, a-hole first husband!? Really! C'mon. How pathetic are all the female characters on this show?

  2. I don't think she was happier with Don -- I think she's just depressed in general (if you recall, she was in therapy during the first season). She thought her life would change if she married Henry, and it hasn't.

    As for the rest of the women, Peggy and Joan still rock, IMO, but I get what you mean. It was hard to watch!! Thanks for commenting :)

  3. Sarah, I can't decide if I want to hug you or curse you. Guess what I started watching this past weekend? Yep! I pulled up Mad Men on Netflix and watched five episodes from the first season. I'm totally hooked, darn you. And now I"m totally curious because it sounds like Betty and Don will part ways? Yikes! I have a lot of catching up to do. So I'll be hugging you and cursing you in the future too!!

    1. I'm with Julie. I think I HAVE to get into Mad Men as soon as I'm home with Netflix access. Sound of Music AND hot fudge sundaes. I'm in.

  4. #FatBettyFrancis if you're on twitter.