Monday, April 16, 2012

Mad Men 5x4: Forever Plaid

Who among us hasn't wanted to see Pete receive a beat down? That it came at the hands of Lane Pryce was surprising but still satisfying; I don't think Roger would've been up to the task. Besides, Roger's style of punishment is verbal abuse.

Prostitutes automatically ensure a base rating of 1 razor blade, and Pete's whiny "I have nothing" confession in the elevator is worth half a razor blade, I suppose. Also, a guy named Handsome stole Pete's jail bait target right out from under him. Ha!

What a difference a year(?) makes. This time last season, Don was getting slapped by a "woman of the night," and living in a hovel. Now he's attending suburban soirees with his wife and actually remaining faithful to her, not to mention giving Pete the stink eye for messing around.

This is a short review because I'm having difficulty typing. I'm still blinded by the "festive" dinner jackets everyone wore to Pete and Trudy's.

1970s, I see you on the horizon and you're not pretty.


  1. Ok, evil Sarah who got me hooked on Mad Men...I just finished season two over the weekend. I left off where Betty is pregnant and Don is trying to win her back. Oh my goodness, there's so much to catch up on!

  2. You are mainlining episodes! It's so fun watching a bunch in a row, isn't it? Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. I'm two episodes of Arrested Development away from starting Mad Men. I figure I won't be leaving the couch until I'm caught up.

  4. When Pete started to cry in the elevator, in front of Don, I completely lost it. I'm beginning to think that Pete is not merely self absorbed but perhaps something more sinister. The return of the shotgun (rifle?) does not bode well.