Friday, October 16, 2009

Conversation I had with my husband recently

Me: (dancing in front of fridge) Do you dare me to chug a Guinness for breakfast?*

Joe: Um, no, I dare you not to.

Living with a writer can be tiring. Luckily there is a guide for this type of thing. McSweeney's archives has an "excerpt" from The Complete Guide to the Care and Training of the Writer in Your Life by David Zeltser.

My favorite part: "Designate a warm, cozy area of your home as a 'studio.' Your writer will appreciate a couch and blankets or other soft bedding material. Keep in mind that your writer may not write right away. Never shout at your writer. If your writer is frightened, he or she may run."

*Mom and Dad, if you're reading: I was totally kidding.
Everyone else: No, I wasn't.


  1. I know your skills. I can picture this scenario exactly. :)