Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mad Men 3.9: I Totally Pegged the Teacher

The show's not fooling around anymore; I give Sunday's Mad Men 4 razor blades out of 5. Yep, it was that depressing.

Sal got fired for being gay, basically. And Don referred to him as "you people." Ouch!

Don's new father figure/most demanding client, Conrad Hilton, drunkenly admitted that Don was like a son to him -- only better, because Don also came from nothing. That part was rather sweet. The depressing part (you knew there'd be one) occurred shortly after at a business meeting, in which Mr. Hilton appeared to have no memory of this bonding event and completely rejected Don and his hard work.

Betty sort of started an almost-affair and had to throw a fake fundraiser to cover up the non-event. Got it?

Don started an actual affair with Sally's ex-teacher, just like I predicted five episodes ago. It's official: he has a type, and it's not blonde. Which sucks if you're Betty.

In the midst of historical events, Betty told her African American housekeeper, Carla, that perhaps the country wasn't ready for civil rights.


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