Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mad Men 3.10: A "Ballad of Disatisfaction"

Wow, okay, last Sunday's Mad Men gets 4 razor blades (out of 5) on the Depressing Scale from me. I nearly cried. Incidentally, it was written by Kater Gordon and Matthew Weiner, who recently took home the Emmy for Best Writing. So yeah. The writing was good, and it was depressing, and I'm left with two questions:

1. Why does Don have a creepy drawer AT HOME filled with cash/his secret dual identity?? Hasn't he heard of safe deposit boxes? (And considering that Pete and Cooper already know his secret, even the office would be a safer location.) Needless to say, Betty is incapable of dealing with the knowledge of his "divorce," and my heart completely broke for her and the endless betrayals Don subjects her to. Also depressing: The flickers of guilt Don does so well.

2. Who called the Drapers? Hot For Teacher and Mr. Politician both denied all knowledge, but it had to have been one of them -- right?

(I want a spin-off called Carla: The Long-Suffering Housekeeper/Nanny, in which we learn what her job description is, exactly, and possibly see her at church.

Sally: Why don't we go to church? Carla goes every week.
Betty: We don't need to go every week.)

Those of you who watched this episode in real time get some relief and time to recover. I, however, must continue immediately to the next episode. Please don't let it be as depressing.

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