Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Gift for the Tendonitis-Sufferer Who Has Everything

I'm alllll about the ergonomics. I've got the wrist braces, the split keyboard, desk-tray, click-less mouse (simply hover the mouse, and let it click or highlight for you) and the roller-ball thingie (very scientific sounding, I know).

And they all work great, but I say, what about the pampering? What about the fake spa???

Therabath has a paraffin wax treatment system you can set up in five minutes flat. Okay, after that it takes 8 hours to melt the wax, but then you're home free. So easy a Sarah could use it!

Dip your hands 4-7 times in the wax, place them each in a loose wrap so the wax doesn't stick everywhere (confession: I use old, cleaned-out plastic bread bags) and slide them into a large mitten hand towel. Ahhh. Put your feet up, hang out on the couch for twenty minutes, perhaps with an episode of "...Maria?", and let the heat therapy do its thing.

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