Friday, July 17, 2009

In Los Angeles, Even Library Events Have Swag

I expect to see free swag at nightclub events or movie premieres (at the opening of "Nothing Like the Holidays" last year, I got a full Thanksgiving meal while fake snow blew outside) but at a library book swap?

Last night, the Mar Vista Branch outdid itself. Not only was there an open bar, an author signing (Lisa See was there promoting her awesome-looking book "Shanghai Girls"), and a terrific pile of free books to choose from, but on the way out the door, we were handed LED Mini Book Lights and pens that say "Reading is Sexy."

It is now! :)


  1. You're right. Library swag can be great.

    The best I've found that's available around the country: The free booklets and audio guides to (mostly American) classics, available from the Big Read Project of the National Endowment for the Arts http://www/, typically much better than publishers' guides.

    The catch is that to get a free booklet or CD, your library has to participate in the Big Read project, but many do.

  2. Thanks, Jan!! What a great site -- I like the radio shows. I think I'll add this link to my blogroll. Thanks again :)

  3. You're very welcome, Sarah. I should have said that the NEA does post its reading group guides online (at the link you've given on your blogroll). Your library has to participate only if you want to get a printed booklet or CD, or so I understand it ...