Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why Yes, I Would Love a Free, Brand-New Mac

I know I was just complaining about how dreadful Mac keyboards are, and I stand by that assertion, but their customer service is phenomenal.

A few weeks ago, our Mac's fan randomly started going on, which I know can be the death knell of Macs. My husband called up the store but they were backlogged and couldn't get to ours for a few days. This was fairly stressful because we were both in the middle of projects that needed our attention. Eventually the Mac people replaced some piece of hardware, which would've cost us $800 if we hadn't purchased the warranty when we originally bought the Mac a couple years ago. (Can you sense a moral to this story?)

Anyway, we took it home and plugged it in, and the fan came on. Argh! Again, several days passed before they could take another look, and this time they admitted they didn't know what was going on, and that it may take them awhile to figure it out -- so would we like a free, brand-new Mac instead?

They even upgraded us to a bigger screen!! So essentially for the price of the $175 warranty on a 2007 model, we got a brand-new 2009 version with double memory, speed, and a 24-inch screen.

Now if only we could find a good version of Word to install...


  1. Mac divided by free equals bliss.
    Good work on all that!

  2. Hey thanks!! We are pretty psyched :)