Monday, August 17, 2009

How Depressing Was Last Night's "Mad Men" 3rd Season Premiere? (*Spoilers)

A loved one sent me ahead as a scout to report back on the new episode of Mad Men, but don't read if you're unspoiled for last night's premiere and wish to remain that way.

Okay. On a scale of 1 to 5 razor blades (tm), I'd give it a solid 3. Less depressing than "Betty visits her family," and "Peggy tells Pete the truth" (2nd season) but more depressing than "Don misses the family by minutes" (1st season finale), this episode contained:

1. A dead baby
2. The firing of a guy whose wife is dying
3. Don cheating or at least almost-cheating on Betty (what was the point of Season 2 then??)
4. New office artwork of Japanese tentacle monster/woman entangled -- GAH
5. Cosgrove vs. Campbell (although this is actually sort of funny. Although not for Pete).

So in other words, the show's back with a vengeance.

Also: it appears that only 7-8 months have passed since the season 2 finale as Betty is still pregnant.

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