Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Spoiler Alert! Except Not Really Because It Aired on Sunday! CONNIE WINS!

I have no idea when this originally aired in England*, but last night I caught up with the finale episode of the greatest reality show of all time, How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? on BBC America.

I'm thrilled to report that my favorite contestant, Connie, won the role and will be/is already/has been portraying Maria Von Trapp in the new West End London production of "Sound of Music" (which is, if it weren't already obvious, my favorite movie of all time. So I'm willing to concede that my obsession with this program was probably a one-off. HOWEVER, I'd also like to point out that Family Guy, which is often mean-spirited to the point of me needing to leave the apartment when it's on, is also obsessed with "Sound of Music," as evidenced by their frequent homages that do not mock but merely replicate certain scenes. So I'm clearly not alone with my love for this particular film).

Question: On the finale of How Do You Solve..., why did they keep making the past participants/losers come back for show numbers?? I was startled to see everyone pop up at the beginning and it seemed rather mean! Also, I felt extremely helpless never being able to cast a vote throughout the program. Is this how my mother felt in the U.S. before becoming a citizen?

HOORAY FOR CONNIE!! And thank you, British Public, for voting her in however many months ago!!*

*Um, or years?! A quick Googling reveals that this thing aired in 2006 in England. I am appalled.

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