Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pics of The Seattle Public Library

Last week while visiting Puget Sound for a wedding, I got to spend a day sightseeing in Seattle. Luckily, Joe and I arrived at the Public Library just before it closed.

I am obsessed!

Observe the awesomeness.

*10 magnificent floors.
*Thousands of books.
*Hundreds of computers and work stations.

More pics soon because I can't resist.


  1. It was pretty amazing, wasn't it?

  2. Yes -- and you're a wonderful photographer :)

  3. Oh my god; I've never seen such a beautiful library! I thought Central here was amazing, but now I have library envy.

  4. I know! I could seriously post 200 photos of this place. It was that amazing. If I lived there, I would... live there.