Monday, August 31, 2009

Mad Men 3.3 - Actually Not All That Depressing!

After one skipped review (I was out of town), I caught the latest Mad Men last night and was pleasantly surprised by the relatively downright happy subject matter. I rate it 1 razor blade out of 5 (tm).

There was fabulous dancing (Pete can cut a rug -- who knew?), smoking of a different kind at the office, and spectacular dialogue between Don and the guy he met* at Sterling's shindig.

Not to say everything was hunky dory for most characters. This is Mad Men after all. I was petrified that Don and Betty's daughter was going to frame Carla, the African American housekeeper, for stealing $5; Joan's dinner party, and her forced song performance, was distressing (her creepy fiancee makes every scene uncomfortable); and Sterling's much-younger wife clearly has issues. But all in all, this felt like a welcome change from the usual downbeat fare.

*edited to add: apparently this was a reference to Conrad Hilton. Yes, of "the" Hiltons.


  1. You know how I feel about this show, but I caught a little of this episode on accident. Once I see Joan, it's hard for me to change the channel. That woman is SMOKIN'! I also liked January Jones' dress in one party scene. Watching her hold a cigarette is a moment of ignorant bliss.

  2. Yes, Joan is FABULOUS. Did you see the dance floor scene by any chance? I think you would've appreciated that as well :)