Sunday, September 27, 2009

CS Weekly Writing Clips

This weekend I moved some of my Creative Screenwriting clips from my old website to this blog. I've been writing reviews and conducting the occasional interview for the magazine's weekly e-zine since 2007. The print edition is a bi-monthly publication, but the e-zine, edited by the awesome David Wharton, provides updates by email each Friday afternoon, focusing on films and DVDs being released that day.

What's sometimes tricky about this gig is reviewing only the scripts. We're not supposed to comment on the acting, directing, music, or cinematography. (Okay, sometimes we do, but the main focus is always the writing.) Sometimes I'll love the movie overall, or a particular performance, but have problems with the script, so my reviews have to reflect that.

To read the review that garnered me my first piece of hate mail (every critic's...dream?), click here.

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