Monday, September 14, 2009

Mad Men 3.5 - A Feast of Awkwardness

I'm giving last night's episode of Mad Men 3 razor blades out of 5. It was more awkward / enraging than it was depressing, although of course it was also depressing. It was beautifully shot, from the opening scene at the elementary school to Betty's Demerol-induced twilight sleep visions, and the dialogue was killer. Let's face it -- the show is almost always terrific. It's also terrific at making me thank my lucky stars I'm not any of the characters.

But anyway, first off, we had Lisa Simpson as a nurse at the hospital where Betty was giving birth. She was totally fine and all, but it was a bit odd!

Next was the fact that the men weren't expected / allowed (??) to be anywhere NEAR their screaming-in-agony, labor-having wives. They spent the entire day in the waiting room watching TV, smoking, and drinking nearly an entire bottle of booze. Enraging!

Guy in Waiting Room, to Don: You done this before?
Don: Three times.
Me: YOU haven't done anything.

Pete and the African American doorman participated in the most awkward elevator ride in the history of ever.

Betty's late father told her, "You're a housecat. You're very important but you don't have anything to do," (or something like that) and when Betty's shoulders lifted in the tiniest of sighs as she went to calm the baby her first night home, my heart broke for her.

Lastly, Don and Sally's teacher are totally going to hook up. Why else would he have lied to Betty about who had called? I'm only surprised they didn't make out at the school when Betty left to use the ladies' room. Whenever Don is alone in a room with any woman, I pretty much assume they'll start having an affair.

Oh wait! Not lastly! I completely forgot Peggy's plea for equal pay, and its dismissal. GAH. Possibly the most depressing subplot of the evening. I must have blocked it out. Peggy's sparks of rebellion and realization and awakening are always...defeated. I'm officially rooting for her Emmy win.

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