Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mad Men 3.7: What's the Point, Really?

I have to say the show is slipping.

This Sunday's episode ranks a piddling 1.5 razor blades out of 5. That's not really even enough to kill yourself with. Sure, Don was drugged, beaten up, robbed, and left in a scary motel room face down on the floor, but that's barely a blip on the "Mad Men" chart of Bad Things That Happened to People in the '60s. I mean, the two stoners didn't even steal his car. In other subplots, Betty went furniture shopping, Peggy slept with Duck (!), and Don's kooky boss Cooper revealed that he knows all about Don's secret identity, BOO YA (emphasis mine). That scene RULED!

To sum up: Great episode, not depressing enough.

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