Monday, September 21, 2009

Mad Women

Haven't seen Sunday's new episode of Mad Men yet -- I was too busy watching the show win Best Drama at the Emmys. (FROM MY COUCH. Don't get excited. Although I did randomly attend the Daytime Emmys about ten years ago, ha ha!) The show also won Best Writing, and I was pleased to see that the non-Matthew Weiner of the writing duo was a young woman. Yay for Kater Gordon! Mad Men's writing staff is packed with women, actually -- 7 out of 9, which is still pretty rare in TV, and of course ironic given the show's, well, entire subject matter.

My only disappointment was that Elisabeth Moss didn't take home a Best Actress Emmy. But she was up against Glenn Close, Holly Hunter, Sally Field and Kyra Sedgwick. That is insane!

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