Sunday, September 6, 2009

Linkie Loos

I recommend the October issue of Writer magazine, which includes a helpful article by theater critic Todd Wallinger. He explains how he got his first reviewing gig and how you can, too.

Speaking of reviews... For the last few weeks I've been rating Mad Men episodes on a scale of one to five razor blades. (Um, as you may have guessed, I'm rating them not on quality, which tends to be uniformly high, but on how depressing they are.) However, my ratings are at least partially informed by the fact that the show airs on Sunday nights at 10 pm, which is an inherently depressing time slot, probably somehow related to residual guilt/fear/dread about Monday mornings and unfinished homework. Or maybe that's just me. But anyway, since it's a holiday weekend and I don't have to be at work tomorrow, I've decided to watch the show Monday night in an attempt to keep alive the irrational, soul-crushing fear in which I normally view the program. That way I won't skew the results.

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