Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Don't Think This Happens in Other Cities

I came home the other night and these were taped to both entrances of my apartment building:

In case you can't read the description, here's the gist: from 12am to 7am over the next few days, my street will basically turn into Armageddon.

I may see people throwing grenades into and out of FBI cars, see cars on fire, or hear "full load gunfire activity" and witness an explosion. But! I shouldn't be alarmed. Because what would possibly be alarming about that?


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  2. Could be worse: my friend lived in K-town, and saw SWAT take on the crack dens down the block about twice a month. Ironic, as at the same time her neighborhood was being renovated for high-end condos...

  3. Yikes, Den, that is definitely worse, particularly the part about it being REAL.